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For personalised advice and great customer service get in touch with GFS today. GFS is a dedicated team of qualified advisers coming from a diverse range of experiences and life stages with a focus on you, your family and the wider community.

Our aim is to assist you to achieve your financial goals and turn your dreams into realities.



As your insurance adviser/s we not only give you the best insurance advice by providing you with a wide variety of insurance quotes but we look after you once you've signed up for any insurance policies with us.

When insurance claim time comes GFS take the stress out of the situation and manages your claim. GFS are an intermediary between insurance customers and clients. We make sure you get the best service and advice from a personal claims assistant.

If you want to discuss Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Disablement Cover, Income Protection, Health Insurance, Business Insurance, Fire & General (eg, car, house, contents, boat, farm & business), or Travel Insurance, talk to our friendly team today to see what insurance policies are right for you and your situation.


Investments & Kiwisaver

Our experienced financial advisers/planners provides personalised and professional investment advice to help individual clients achieve their needs and goals.

We recognise that you are an individual. As such, you will have your own goals, priorities, experience and beliefs considered when tailoring our financial management advice. This will result in your own personalised advice rather that have generic investment solutions recommended to you.

Equally important is for you to feel comfortable with the investment process. To achieve this we will keep you informed on a timely basis as to what is happening with your investments as well as investment markets. We also place a high emphasis on client education as building an understanding leads to an increased confidence and comfort.


Retirement Planning

Superannuation is a long term savings plan which can be locked in until a specified age eg:65, or can have money readily available, in an unlocked plan. There are various plans available to suit your situation.

Having a full financial plan in place is imperative when making decisions about how you would like to be situated in retirement



GFS provides a service to manage your ACC levies, this means that your ACC levy invoice will be sent directly to us for review. We will liaise with you and ACC to ensure you get the most appropriate outcome.

This will provide peace of mind, knowing what cover you have in place and come claim time we can assist you with the entire process to make it a lot simpler.


Focus on your future

Talk to Gisborne Financial Services now to ensure you have the right investment and insurance advice to achieve your goals.