Questions & Answers


How much does insurance cost?

Personal insurance costs are determined by the following factors; age, gender, occupation & health status. For an accurate cost of insurance for yourself, contact us for a review.

How do I apply?

To apply for insurance we complete an application, obtaining your details for the underwriters at the Insurer to make an assessment of your level of risk. Applications may be completed online with your Adviser, or in paper form.

What do I need to do?

You need to speak with one of our Advisers and complete a review in the first instance. Once we get to the application stage, it is important that you disclose everything you know material to the risk insured. Your Adviser will remind your of this and you will be required to sign a declaration that states this also. If you wish to find out more, contact us and we can go through an application and declaration form with you.

What is the benefit of insurance?

The benefit of having insurance is dependant on your need for insurance. For example; if you have young children, the benefit of having life insurance is that if you were to die, the children are left with financial support when they need it most. Another example; backing in to a 2014 Mercedes Benz with your 2001 Mazda Familiar - car insurance will cover the costs of loss/damage covered under your policy. So basically, dependant on your need for insurance, this will determine the many benefits.

Why do I need insurance?

You need insurance to protect what is most important to you. Whether it be your home & contents, or your income. Contact us to review your need for insurance.

When should I have insurance?

You should have insurance when your need is prevalent. For example; when you are driving a car, you should have car insurance. When you have a family you should have life insurance, etc. Contact us to review your need for insurance.

What do I do at time of claim?

At time of claim, contact us; 06 868 8313 or We will guide you through the entire claims process, making this sometimes stressful time easier.

What level of cover should I have?

The level of cover you should have needs to reflect your current situation. Contact us for a review today.

What is the difference between third party or full cover car insurance?

If you comprehensively insure your vehicle (full cover) and suffer loss or damage (covered by your policy), you may receive the following benefits;

  • cover to repair or replace your vehicle up to the market value at the time of your loss

  • cover for windscreen breakage with no excess

  • emergency costs following an accident to a maximum of $500

With third party, where you suffer a loss or damage (covered by your policy), you can be covered for up to $3,000 for damage to your vehicle, or $2,000 in the case of a motorcycle, caused by another identified person who is uninsured. Contact us for more information.

Who owns my life insurance policy?

There are a number of options for the ownership of your life insurance policy.

  • You can own your own policy, in the event of your death, the funds are paid into your Estate

  • Jointly own your policy with a spouse or significant other

  • Trusts may own your policy

  • Any other nominated Adult (18+) may own your policy.

NOTE: If you do not own your policy, all or in part, once it's in place, you will no longer have authority to obtain any information about it.

It is important to have an up to date Will. Contact us for more information.

How do I put a value on my home/contents?

To determine the level of contents cover required, we complete a checklist. This ensures we have covered all items. For house insurance, we calculate the level of cover based on the size of the house and any special materials used. Contact us for more information.

Are you a registered Financial Adviser?

We have an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA), Matt Pierard - all of the rest of the Advisers are Qualified Financial Entities (QFE's).

Do you have access to more than one insurer?

Yes, we have access to more than one insurer. Contact us for more information.

Is there a cost for your service?

There is no cost to your for our insurance services. We are paid by the Insurer once your policy is in place. This is built in to the insurers premium - there is no additional cost to you.